Have you been looking for the next big thing to get involved with?

The Hot Vending Box provides not only delicious foods, but a tasty business opportunity as well!

There are many ways to capitalize on this exciting new technology. Whether you are in the food business, an entrepreneur, or a savvy investor looking for amazing ROI – you are in the right place.

Restaurants, commissaries, food distributors:

The Hot Vending Box is a flexible system, designed to accommodate a variety of food products. Licensed food establishments can produce products to stock the machine, capturing new customers and new revenues. Pizzeria’s looking for an expansion opportunity can brand the machine and sell their delicious local pizza in amazing new places. Bakeries can use the machine to sell their amazing cookies, pastries, etc.
Building a new brick and mortar location can be risky, and expensive. Consider utilizing the Hot Vending Box to capture existing demand at nearby locations!


You know a great idea when you see it, that’s why you’re here! Make some quick cash, build a small business, or go all in and create a cash flowing monster! Your key to success will be finding excellent locations to place units, and we will help to ensure you have access to excellent food. Get in touch to learn more!

Pizza Vending Machine
Pizza Vending Machine


Take advantage of this tasty business opportunity

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