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The Top Food Vending Machine Picks for Schools

The Top Food Vending Machine Picks for Schools

In 2016, vending machines generated more than 21 billion dollars in revenue. Talk about a lot of cash from little boxes!

The vending machine industry, however, is changing and evolving with the times, even in schools. One new trend that’s catching on is fresh food in vending machines.

But if you’re new to this trend, it can seem a little confusing. That’s why we’ve outlined a couple food vending machine options for you.

Check them out below!


You read that right! Hot pizza dispensed right out of a vending machine is a real thing these days.

Our specialized vending machines make it happen. All you have to do is pre-load the machines with delicious pizza slices.

Then, when an order is made, our custom machines heat the order on demand, producing a perfect out of the oven experience every single time.

This is a huge hit with both kids and adults and means that you don’t have to invest any money in a pizza kitchen or workers. Let the vending machine take care of it for you.


Last but not least, let’s talk about cookies! Who wouldn’t want a perfectly warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven in between classes?

This is another great use for our Hot Vending Boxes. Load any type of cookie inside and when someone orders it on the touchscreen pad, voilà! They’ll instantly have the warm cookie they were hoping for.

Whether your students and teachers are into snickerdoodles, sugar cookies or the classic chocolate chip, they can enjoy warm fresh cookies any time of the day right from our vending machine.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you’ve read all about fresh food vending machine options, it’s time to make some decisions about your school. Are you ready to install a one-of-a-kind experience for your students and teachers?

If so, contact us any time. We’re happy to help you get things set up.

Here’s Why Your School Needs a Pizza Vending Machine

Here’s Why Your School Needs a Pizza Vending Machine

Vending machines in the United States make around $22 Billion every year as a whole. There have been more and more of pizza vending machines in schools and in other locations.

These innovative vending machines can bring different options to your students, faculty, and staff.

We have gathered the top reasons why your school follow the growing trend and install a pizza vending machine.

Read on to learn more.

Vending Machines in Schools Is Great for the On-The-Go Meal

Having a pizza vending machine in school is great if a student (or even a faculty/staff member) forgot their lunch or needed an extra pick-me-up throughout the day.

Anyone needs the proper food and nutrition to have the energy to get through a long school day. This quick snack can be beneficial to a good day at school and ultimately satisfy their hunger.

Being properly fueled can also help students engage more with their classmates and teachers. Pizza after a long school day can even help boost students energy for any extracurricular activities like clubs or sports teams.

Source of Revenue

A regular vending machine selling drinks or small snack scan make on average $3,000 per year. This number is more closely related to the monthly profits of a pizza vending machine though. Annually, a pizza vending machine has the ability to make around $40,000.

The money that is made from having pizza vending machines in schools can allow for items to be purchased that the school needs to invest in for the students. This can be things like books, computers, projectors, chairs, desks, etc.

Not to mention that if any programs are lacking funding such as certain clubs or the music program, these profits could go towards supporting them as well.

If the school is private or a college, then a pizza vending machine in a high-traffic area might be able to help keep tuition lower for the students and parents.

Great Quality Whenever, Wherever

Adding this option of food isn’t just a fun novelty idea. It is actually quality fresh pizza that is never frozen.

Get great pizza for those in your school can be there whenever needed. Because it is pizza by the slice, you can get just the right amount of recently baked hot food that you want.

It isn’t heated by a microwave either. The pizza cooks in a conveyor oven for the best quality.

This is perfect for a quick snack in-between classes or after school.

A pizza vending machine can sell whatever local pizzeria is popular in your area that the student population is sure to love. This can also help local businesses in your area thrive. There is a small price tag of around $3 for the perfect slice within minutes.

Choose the perfect location on campus or in the cafeteria that has high-traffic which will service your school where needed and would work best for everyone.

Know Your Options

The “Worlds Smallest Pizzeria” could be the best vending machine for your school giving them customized, hot slices of pizza.

Check out how the 24-7 Pizza Box can work for you!

Top 5 Places to Put a Pizza Vending Machine

Top 5 Places to Put a Pizza Vending Machine

Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year. Not million. Billion.

People love pizza. What’s better than pizza?

Strategically placed pizza.

You may be a pizza restaurant wanting to expand your brand or maybe you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for an innovative business model. A vending machine that serves pizza may be just the idea you have been looking for.

Here are the five best places to put a pizza vending machine.

1) Apartment Complexes

Apartment communities typically have some sort of vending machine area. Since these vending machines mostly contain candy and sodas, having one with pizza is a no-brainer.

Residents and guests will both be able to enjoy it. You will want the vending machine wherever the highest volume of foot traffic is, so think pools and clubhouses.

2) Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are ideal locations for vending machines and most students love pizza. Some students can’t leave campus or simply don’t want to, so having vending machines to satisfy their late-night cravings is a must. Providing pizza instead of the typical candy bar and chips would be a hit on campus.

3) Bars and Breweries

What goes great with beer? Pizza. All bars and breweries don’t sell food and some can’t due to zoning issues.

Putting a pizza vending machine in these establishments can be a very profitable business move. There is a lot of transient foot traffic in these locations. Bar patrons would love the addition of a pizza serving vending machine. The employees would also like it.

4) Hotels and Motels

People who stay overnight or on vacation in hotels and motels rarely bring a lot of food for their stay. Having pizza readily available will be a big hit. This will allow them to stay close to their room without walking or driving to get lunch, dinner, or late night snack.

These locations are among some of the most profitable for vending machines. You are looking at high foot traffic in these locations so this could be a profitable location.

5) Airports

Do you want another high traffic area?

Go to the airport.

There may be food courts in airports, but travelers love the convenience of vending machines and having them strategically placed near the airport terminals would allow for lots of business.

Not everyone wants to or can walk around the airport looking for the food court and not all terminals are close to restaurants. Having the option of pizza vending machines would be a win-win for both the customers and the business owner.

Ready to Have Your Own Pizza Vending Machine?

Now that you have pinpointed some high traffic areas and see the massive potential, it’s time to extend your brand and grow your restaurant by adding a pizza vending machine. Contact us today with any questions about how to get started.

The Benefits of Having a Pizza Vending Machine in Your Office

The Benefits of Having a Pizza Vending Machine in Your Office

Are you tired of boring office lunches or having to spend time and money offsite?

If so, this article is for you. Here are a few of the best benefits of having office vending machines that dispense delicious pizza in your workplace.

Office Vending Machines Keep Employees Productive And Alert

If you’ve ever worked an office job, you know how it goes.

By 2 PM or so you’re experiencing the dreaded afternoon slump. This morning’s coffee has worn off and you’ve already taken a lunch break.

But what if you could walk down the hall and grab a delicious, piping hot slice of pizza to warm you up? You’d immediately be energized and ready to finish out the work day!

There’s a direct correlation between one’s glucose levels and his or her productivity. Having access to snacks at the workplace can keep the whole office awake and productive.

Office vending machines may be the answer to faster, more efficient workdays.

A Pizza Vending Machine Can Improve Office Morale

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a good slice of pizza. Virtually everyone loves pizza, and having access to it at all times has the potential to increase office morale.

For years, pizza has been one of the most common incentives in the workplace. Bosses constantly promise delicious food to employees for a job well done.

But now there’s no more waiting until the end of the week for an office pizza party. With a vending machine, employees can get pizza whenever they want!

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the scent of freshly made pizza is one of the best scents out there.

Vending Machines Save Time And Money

Most employees get a standard hour-long lunch break each day. Over time, that single hour adds up.

That’s five hours of lost productivity per week, 25 hours per month, or roughly 260 hours per year (not counting vacation days and days off). And that’s for every employee.

Think of everything that could be accomplished if employees still had a lunch break but didn’t need to take the time to go offsite. They’d return to work faster and get more done, all without having to leave the building.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that there’s little overhead cost in office vending machine installation.

No need to hire extra workers to man the snack booth in the lobby or make extra space. Simply order, install, and enjoy!

Pizza vending machines are an affordable, convenient treat that has the ability to make both bosses and employees happy.

Order A Vending Machine For Your Office

These are just a few of the many reasons why installing office vending machines can benefit your workplace. If you’re interested in learning more or want to order a machine, get in touch!

Our pizza vending machines are capable of storing up to 72 slices at a time, meaning there’s plenty of pizza for everyone.

Tips for Making a Profitable Pizza Vending Machine Business Plan

Tips for Making a Profitable Pizza Vending Machine Business Plan

If you could live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Pizza makes everything feel better. In fact, Americans love pizza so much that 3 billion pizzas are sold every year.

But here’s the big question – New York or Chicago-style? If you’ve ever thought about going into the pizza business, maybe sell both.

Happy customers = happy business.

Instead of opening up a pizzeria, considering selling through a 24/7 vending machine. Not sure how to start a vending machine business plan?

We’ve got you covered!

Location, Location, Location

Did we mention location? It’s probably the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome in the business.

You don’t want to put a vending machine in the middle of nowhere. You won’t make any kind of profit.

Going to a vending machine is an impulse decision. Office workers like to go in the afternoon to get a sugar pick-me-up, or a bag of chips to tie them over till dinner.

No one really plans on going to the vending machine. So think about what’s going to make your machine unique.

What’s Inside?

Are you filling the vending machine with things that people want? The more products, the better options for people.

However, you don’t want to cram everything in and then the product is damaged. Consider the size, shape and shelf space.

The key here is to pay attention to your customer’s buying habits. What seems to be moving quickly and what is sitting?

Talk to Business Owners

Think of places around town that would benefit from having a pizza vending machine. These are the business owners you need to be talking to.

Just be aware that you will get rejected…a lot. Pitch the idea to the owner and explain how it will profit both of you.

The more deals you make, the more your business relationships grow. Plus, word of mouth is always a huge win!

Wouldn’t it be great if people are talking around town about YOUR machine?

Have This in the Vending Machine Business Plan

  • Make sure you have fresh products
  • Keep the machine clean
  • Is it operating properly?
  • Free samples are encouraged. How will people know what the pizza tastes like?
  • Talk to the customers, get feedback!
  • Have a good attitude
  • Swap out the products that don’t sell
  • Learn and grow from your experience

How We Can Help

Going into the vending machine business isn’t easy. In fact, a lot of businesses fail before they even get off the ground. Why?

People don’t lay out a vending machine business plan. We can help answer your questions and decide how many pizza boxes the machine should have.

Contact one of our representatives today and we’ll get you started on living the pizza dream!

Kii Creates ‘Super Intelligent’ Vending Machine Capability

Kii Creates ‘Super Intelligent’ Vending Machine Capability

SAN MATEO, CA — Internet of Things technology company Kii is making smart vending machines even smarter. It’s Kii Smart Vending Now is built on solution framework accelerators which support highly customizable IoT powered solutions to suit individual needs. Now, they are able to real-time-react to changes in machine status and problem-solve.

Kii’s monitoring connects all smart machines in the field with its cloud monitoring service enabling rich data-driven insights. There, managers and appropriate stakeholders can be alerted in real-time when product is running low and if the machine is not operating properly. In many instances, this allows problems to be diagnosed and solved before customers are impacted.

Intelligent vending machines have emerged as a convenient and low-cost option allowing operators to offer consumers options previously available only in stores through use of data collected from sensors. Kii’s agile IoT framework is uniquely suited to support cost effective deployment of this new vending paradigm

“We chose this technology in order to be fully connected to the client,” said Mark Meyers, chief marketing officer of Sprizzi, which manufacturers a single-serve cold beverage machine that dispenses carbonated and still flavored beverages a cup at a time. The company said plans to have its soon-to-be improved Kii-powered technology at office complexes, in homes, in hotels and in restaurants by late 2019.

“It’s very important that we are able to monitor the machines and deploy a self-corrected functionality tactic. The Kii intelligent technology enables that,” Meyers said.

In addition to the immediate communication between the machine and a company’s service personnel, is the ability to alter advertising and marketing campaigns instantly.

That feature is crucial to Shawn Marquardt, president of 24-7 Pizza Box. The company’s Hot Vending Box, which offers pizza made to-order, needs to know rapidly when ingredients are running low and expiring. In addition, the company needs to have the ability to swiftly change prices on pizza slices to accommodate traffic and other external factors.

“We engaged with Kii early on in the process of creating our advanced technology,” said Marquardt. “The versatility and ability to rapidly communicate ads with the cloud which communicates to the machine is imperative.”

Kii Corporation is a Cisco portfolio company. It offers its mature, enterprise-grade IoT solution enablement platform and solutions for select verticals including smart vending, petroleum tank monitoring and temperature monitoring

Why Your Favorite Brew Pub Needs a Hot Vending Box

Why Your Favorite Brew Pub Needs a Hot Vending Box

The 7.1 million vending machines in the US generate $73 million in profits. It’s a no-brainer that the right vending machine in your pub can help you increase profits.

Don’t settle on the typical soda and chips. Go for something innovative and memorable like freshly baked pizza by the slice or gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Serving up fresh baked treats all at the push of a button keeps customers in your pub longer, which means more profit for you. Let us help you consider some creative vending machine ideas to help your pub stand out.

It’s late night, your customers have had a few drinks, and now they are hungry. You don’t want them leaving to go find munchies elsewhere.

Give them the options of fresh baked gooey cookies, or savory salty pretzels, or piping hot cheesy pizza. You don’t even need to have a kitchen in your pub.

By having freshly baked food ready to serve up customers will stay happy. When you have happy customers, they stay longer and spend more. This translates to a happier bottom line for your brew pub.

Each vending system holds up to 72 units, that’s 36 of each variety of delicious baked good! Not only does it have a large capacity, but it can serve a staggering 50 servings per hour.

With these kinds of numbers, everyone in the pub can enjoy a hot meal whenever they desire. You know what they will need with all those hot and tasty snacks? Another beer.

Contact us today to have one of the best vending machines set up in your pub.

Here’s Why Your School Campus Needs a Hot Vending Box

Here’s Why Your School Campus Needs a Hot Vending Box

Student’s don’t always keep normal hours of operation – late nights studying, socializing, or hunting for a late night restaurant to grab some food.

The Hot Vending Box is a great solution to feeding hungry students and faculty, 24 hours a day.  Gone are the days where a vending machine provides only traditional snacks and candy – this vending machine can serve oven baked pizza, pretzels, cookies, and other delicious foods.

The Hot Vending Box can be setup in dorms, sports venues, libraries, and any other campus building to provide a fresh and filling food option to students on the go.

By schools providing such a convenient food option – they are enhancing the safety of their students.  Fewer deliveries, and fewer late night endeavors to find food off campus.

Great food is the key:  The Hot Vending Box serves freshly prepared, never frozen foods ONLY.  This is a “smart” vending machine, and keeps track of shelf life, holding temperatures, and even uses specific heating methods for each product.  Not only is it a convenient food option, but it’s absolutely delicious!

Get in touch with Hot Vending Box to learn more about this amazing new product.  The future of vending could show up on campus before you know it!

5 Reasons Why Owning A Vending Machine Is A Good Money Move

5 Reasons Why Owning A Vending Machine Is A Good Money Move

Everyone’s always looking for new ways to make money, right?

Well, there’s one way to create income that’s been around for years: owning a vending machine.

It’s true. There are millions of vending machines throughout the country, each one sitting in prime locations ready to serve people every minute of the day.

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to get in on?

The good news is that’s it’s not as hard to own a vending machine as you may think. And if you do it right, you can make a lot of money!

Here are five reasons why you should think about owning a vending machine.

It’s a Cheap Start-Up

One of the most difficult things about starting a new business is finding the funding to get the ball rolling. With a vending machine, you may only need a few hundred dollars.

Depending on the size and type of vending machine you want to buy, you may already have the cash you need to get started today. Of course, the bigger the machine, the more it will cost, but you can also find deals on used machines that can save you money from the start.

Easy to Operate

The best thing about owning a vending machine is that after the initial start-up, you don’t have to put in a lot of time to keep your business running.

Once you stock your vending machine and get it in working order, you just need to check in on it every few days to make sure there are no problems. Restocking should always be your top priority, but sometimes problems arise that keep people from being able to buy your products.

You’re Always Open for Business

The number one reason anyone opens a business is to make money. But unlike most other professions, owning a vending machine means that you can make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This gives you an advantage that bars, restaurants, retail outlets, and others don’t have. And if you find a great location with tons of foot traffic, you’ll be sure to see profit in no time.

You’re Your Own Boss

With a vending machine, you answer to yourself: you don’t have a boss and you can set your own hours.

This means that you can work as much or as little as you want and your success depends on you. You can choose to own one vending machine or twenty: whatever you are comfortable with is possible.

You’ll Know What Sells

One of the biggest challenges of owning a business is knowing exactly what your customers want. With a vending machine, you’ll know right away.

You’ll be able to tell which products sell the best and the worst. That way, you can adjust your inventory to meet the needs of your customers and make more money, It’s an automatic advantage of vending machines.

More on Owning a Vending Machine

The simple fact of the matter is that you can own a vending machine as an extra income source, or you can choose to buy many and make it your sole focus. Vending machines allow a flexible business option that you can upgrade or downgrade as you need.

For more news and advice on owning a vending machine, check out our blog. Or, if you already know you want to learn more, you can contact us anytime.

6 Unique Vending Machines You’ll  Wish You Had At Work

6 Unique Vending Machines You’ll Wish You Had At Work

Vending machines in America bring in billions of dollars each year. If you’re someone who is bored of the conventional snacks found in most vending machines, you may be wondering how they could make so much money.

Technological advancements have made the vending world a dreamy place. Say goodbye to stale cookies and other snacks pumped full of preservatives.

This article is going to introduce you to 6 of the many unique vending machines that are popping up around the world.

1. Hot Pizza

How many times have you ordered delivery only to find that your pizza is either soggy or cold? How excited would you be if there was a pizza vending machine that could make a crisp, hot pizza in a couple minutes?

Pizza lovers can rejoice because such a heavenly device exists! Vending machine products no longer have to be tiny, sealed snacks. What’s even better is that your pizza can also be customizable.

2. Burritos

Everyone loves Tex-Mex, but who wants to deal with crazy lines during lunch rush? As it turns out, there are types of vending machines that can satisfy your craving for a burrito. If your meal doesn’t feel complete without chips and a drink, the Burrito Box has got you covered.

Unfortunately, there are only two Burrito Boxes that exist. If the demand is high, maybe we’ll see more in the future. With choices like chicken, rice and beans, roasted potato, egg and chorizo, and more, what’s left to be desired?

3. Fresh Cookies

You’ve probably heard of the cupcake vending machines that have taken the country by storm, but have you heard of one that serves warm cookies? This is one of the best vending machine ideas thus far.

You can’t deny that nothing beats the taste of a gooey, fresh chocolate chip cookie. If your work had this vending machine, you’d want to work overtime every day!

4. Hot Pretzels

You’re familiar with the dry, crunchy pretzels found in most vending machines. Out of all the snacks, pretzels are something that most people would choose last. They don’t have much flavor and they’re packed with excess sodium.

What if you had a vending machine that produced warm, soft pretzels? It may sound like one of the many weird vending machines that exist, but you have to admit that no one is able to resist fresh pretzels at the mall.

5. Unique Vending Machines for a Starving Sweet Tooth: Pies

Don’t you hate how small conventional serving sizes are? If you’re someone who likes to live life to the fullest, there’s a vending machine for you. Mondays could never taste sweeter if you had a vending machine that serves whole pies.

Although this idea is glorious, the entire office would probably fall asleep by 4 pm after the sugar high wears off.

6. French Fries

Potatoes are the greatest food on the planet. You can fry them, mash them, bake them, roast them, and more. Any way you prepare potatoes, you can’t go wrong. Everyone can agree that french fries are irresistible.

French fry vending machines are becoming a part of society now. Although current designs only have ketchup for dipping, we can dream of a vending machine with melted cheese, bacon, ranch, jalapenos, and all kinds of toppings.

Hungry for More?

Out of these 6 unique vending machines, which is your favorite? All of your food fantasies can come true with 24-7 Pizza Box. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince your boss to install one of these incredible vending machines in your office.

If you’re hungry for more food articles, check out our blog.

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