How It Works

Step One

Load the machine with delicious pre-baked food

Hot Vending Box can serve pizza (personals or slices), soft pretzels, and giant cookies. You can partner with your favorite local restaurants, or work with a commissary or food supplier!

You Make the Pizza
Pizza Vending Machine USA
Step Two

We Serve It Up Fresh

Using a 32” touch screen that accepts cashless payments only, customers order from your available inventory. Hot Vending Box heats each order on demand – in a custom oven, using smart vending technology to heat each order to perfection.

Step Three

Your Customers Get the Best

Hot Vending Box will shock and delight your customers with the tasty products you fill it with. Whether it’s giant gooey chocolate chip cookies, or cheesy personal pepperoni pizzas – the Hot Vending Box will not disappoint your hungry patrons.

Your Customers Get the Best

Alright, we’re doing a quick demonstration of how a customer would interact with the Hot Vending Box – Pizza Vending Machine Version.

So approaching the machine they have this nice big touch screen. They get to see what options are available that day. So whatever you wanted to load, if this was supreme and mushroom, today we have pepperoni and cheese available in the machine.

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