Business Cycle

Place the Hot Vending Box in a quality location

Workplaces, bars/breweries, manufacturing, malls, airports, service centers, the list goes on. The busier the location the better!

Machines can be loaded with a variety of products in a variety of ways. If you own or work at a restaurant, you can produce your own goods for the machine there. You can also partner with a restaurant, commissary, or food service company to produce your products.

Give the people what they want! Depending on your location, different combinations of products will probably yield the best results. For example, a machine in a craft brewery may sell a TON of hot pretzels, and fewer cookies.

Use the equipped “Smart Vending” software to maximize profits. Minimize the amount of time your machine is “out of stock” using custom real time inventory alerts. This intelligent machine will even let you know if something went wrong, so you can address the issue and keep the orders coming.

Pizza Vending Machine
Pizza Vending Machine


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