In a survey, 48% of respondents said they consider things like the availability of snacks when deciding whether or not to take a job. Lunchtime vending machines are a massive perk at work.

Although only 16% of employees enjoy free food on the job, more and more employers are considering getting a vending machine. Having a vending machine offers too many benefits to pass up.

Here are 7 benefits alone that make getting a vending machine worth it:

1. Happier Workers

Are you wondering what makes employees happy? A pizza vending machine is how to keep employees happy.

Companies that provide food to their works have more satisfied employees. Around 67% of employees feel more fulfilled by their jobs when they have access to food.

Well-fed workers are more productive, so a vending machine will increase workplace productivity.

2. Easy Lunch and Snacks

People need food for energy. When employees don’t have to travel out of the workplace for food, it’s easier for them.

Having a vending machine means having a steady supply of snacks. This is helpful if workers get hungry throughout the day. It shows you care about their health.

Otherwise, workers have to seek food elsewhere. That takes time away from the following:

3. Better Breaks

Workers need breaks to keep doing a good job. Employees are able to enjoy more of their lunch breaks and time off with a vending machine.

Instead of rushing out to get food, employees can simply get food from the vending machine and stay near the workplace. That means there will be less rushing when it’s time to come back to work.

An employee’s ability to enjoy their time off and take breaks also affects the following:

4. More Punctual Employees

Employees are more likely to be on time with a vending machine.

Sometimes, people wake up late and don’t have time to eat breakfast. With a cookie vending machine, employees are able to meet their nutritional needs in a convenient way.

Employees are more likely to be late if they’re busy picking up food elsewhere. Speaking of getting food elsewhere:

5. You’ll Make Money from Perk at Work

Without a vending machine, you’re missing out on a lot of money. Vending machines collect money that people in your building would spend elsewhere.

Granted, you won’t make a fortune. You’ll recuperate the cost of snacks and then make some on top.

Not only will you be making extra money, but you’ll be helping employees out:

6. Affordable Prices

The foods you’ll find in vending machines are sold at lower prices. This is convenient and helpful to people you work with. It’s easier to access snacks and food when you don’t have to spend much money.

Usually, vending machines offer a range of foods and snacks at different prices. There’s something for everyone in a vending machine.

7. More Job Applicants and Steady Workers

If people know a workplace has a solid food situation, they’re more likely to apply there.

Workers are more likely to stay at a job if they’re happy with the food there. Because food availability on the job makes employees feel better, they’re more likely to stay with the job and continue working.

Keep Eating On The Job

Engaged employees outperform unengaged ones. Keep your employees engaged with a vending machine as a perk at work.

The typical person eats 46 slices of pizza per year. That’s about 23 pounds of pizza annually. Eating pizza at work is 1 of the most satisfying things you’ll ever do.

Upgrade your workplace and order a hot vending machine. Everyone will thank you for it.